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Chest Challenger

A number of recent surveys have found that a big chest trumps abs, arms and shoulders as the biggest turn on for the fairer sex. But don’t get all excited and start pumping out ...

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Life's a Climb But the View is Great

Home-Made Fitness

DirectionsDo four rounds of exercises 1 to 4 for the recommended sets and reps, then finish with the chair L-sit, trying to do the full 90 seconds in as few chunks as you can...

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Master The Pull

Let’s be honest: you should be able to do more pull-ups. Yes, they’ll carve you a head-turning V-shape, counteract your nine-to-fiver slouch and burn unholy amounts of fat – ...

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Stretch for Muscle Maintenance

If you lift weights or play sports regularly, chances are you repeat the same movement patterns a lot. The key to getting stronger, building more muscle and staying injury-free is to...

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Why You’re Losing Muscle

Putting on lean muscle is the perennial struggle of many a gym-goer. Obtaining the magic combination of the right amount of weight training, bodyweight exercises, protein intake and ...

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